It is with warm and happy hearts that we are honored to present Shatter Volume NÂș1: A Snapshot into the LGBTQ+ Community. In this curated trend report magazine, we immerse ourselves into the community, shatter stereotypes, and walk away with the reverberations that come from gaining a deep knowledge and respect for a specific community, subculture, or group.

This issue has been a labor of love and a project that has hit on political realities, personal experiences, and deeper levels of understanding our world today. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and the beginning of organized LGBTQ+ resistance in America, there is a nebulous feeling that permeates conversations, spaces, and media. Community members reflect on where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, and Trans ancestors have been and continue to cultivate where they themselves are headed- in life, in values, in organizing, and in their very own culture. Some of the voices in Shatter actively value the commercial support of brands, some reject it entirely, and some simply feel more recognition year round would make Pride celebrations feel more authentic. And with shows like Pose highlighting trans people of color, drag hitting the mainstream, and the rise of institutional and personal discrimination in the last two years, the LGBTQ+ community is very much on the precipice of what will define the next 50 years of activism, culture, community, and love.

Both Motive and the LGBTQ+ community are proud in their rebellion, rarely play it safe, and are constantly reaching higher, organizing faster, and ultimately getting shit done. As you set aside time in your day to submerge yourself in a community you may or may not be a part of, we hope you enjoy the snapshots of individuals within the community, thought-provoking essays, the items three queer people consider essential, as well as aggregated resources and statistics. And as you step away, we urge you to continue to find avenues of solidarity, support, and further education.

Thank you to all the hands, hearts, and minds that have helped bring Shatter to life. We look forward to continuing to telling stories and shattering our own expectations in the process.

- Motive