G.M., 21, He/Him/His

How did you come out to your parents? How was the coming out process?

I came out to my parents a month before I was supposed to move to Richmond. My little sister searched my name on Google and found my VSCO account, where she pulled up some pictures I posted of myself cuddling with boys. She closed her computer, and when my parents opened it later, they saw the photos and came to comfort me. It was then that I just told them! I was actually going to tell them that month anyway, so it worked out perfectly. It was actually a super easy process coming out, thankfully!

What are some of your favorite brands? And what brands don’t you like?

Some of my favorite brands are Herschel, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Apple, IKEA, Garnier Fructis, Nike, Adidas, and Calvin Klein. There aren’t really any brands I don’t like unless they directly align with things I disagree with, or if I know they support bad things.

Do you think brands who only release LGBTQ campaigns during Pride season are sincere in their support?

That is a good question... it’s really hard to tell. I would hope they’re actually supportive toward the LGBTQ+ community, and not just hungry for profit.