D.A., 23, She/Her/Hers

How did you come out to your parents? How was the coming out process?

I unfortunately have not yet come out to my parents. I’m Bi, and knowing how negative the coming out process would probably be has led me to leave it on the back burner until I bring a girl home.

Do advertisements that feature queer/trans people make you want to support or buy those products?

Yes, standing together with a queer/ trans person as a brand is a huge risk, but a necessary one, and I would gladly stand with a brand that would do that.

Do you think brands who only release LGBTQ+ campaigns during Pride season are sincere in their support?

Some companies have definitely picked it up for the trend value, but I don’t necessarily think that’s always a bad thing. It helps normalize the LGBTQ community, which is important.